Archived Blog Post – 14 Jan, 2012

There may be a community bike ride at some point as several people have expressed interest in a Grassroutes Caravan to sites the mining companies are targeting. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping to organize a bicycle village to tour around Wisconsin.

Check out this live performance from the GrassRoutes Caravan, bicycle village of resistance from the summer of ’08!

Here are two other links to performances and the puppet show, “Peter Pan for President.”The puppet show was created and performed by riders from the Caravan. I play the part of Wendy.


puppet show part 2

puppet show

puppet show part 3

We love you Calico Future ! Remember the great life of Jen Futrell, Eco-warrior woman who was hit by a car while riding her bike home from work.  Jen drove her truck, Black Betty, up from Louisville to Madison the Summer of ’08 to be food support for the PNC2RNC bike ride.

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